About Us

Hi, I'm Tash, the founder of Milkbox and a lifelong craft junkie! 

I'm also Mum to a couple of mini-crafters, and my daughter was the inspiration for starting Milkbox in 2014. Every time she was given a crafty gift it was either random supplies I had no idea what to do with (really, does anyone know what to do with a bunch of pipecleaners and pompoms??) or a kit with dried out paint and glue that didn't stick. I hated the waste but mostly I hated seeing her disappointed with her projects and how she'd lose interest in creating.

I wanted her to be proud of her creations and motivated to seek out more creativity in her life, so I started making up my own projects for her. We are big on recycling, upcycling and minimising waste in our family, so I was also keen for activities to have a functional element - where they can be used again as decorative items or to inspire further creative play. I love seeing her creating items from recyclables or writing books to take to school for news and watching her little brother dance and draw (he's especially good at 'painting' with yoghurt...)

My aim with Milkbox is to encourage creativity for everybody, whether through our craft kits, activities on the blog or free downloads and resources in our newsletter (you can sign up via the box at the bottom of the page!). I hope you'll stick around and join us in getting crafty!

Tash xo

e: info@milkboxcrafts.com.au
m: 0414 920 593
mail: PO Box 114, Mawson, ACT 2607